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Our certified expert technicians specialize in environmental consulting, testing, & inspections, testing & consulting for residential, commercial and industrial properties across the country.

Moisture Mapping

Our environmental specialists employ cutting-edge thermal imaging cameras for an initial identification of damp or wet areas within building materials. This is followed by a thorough confirmation of moisture through checking procedures.

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Kellie Vazquez
Kellie Vazquez
Emergency Response

Our comprehensive services include 24/7 emergency incident response, ensuring immediate action in critical situations. We specialize in moisture mapping to assess water loss and intrusion, identifying affected areas swiftly and accurately. Our expertise extends to petroleum and chemical spill assessment, where we conduct thorough evaluations to determine the extent of the spill and devise effective remediation strategies. And our water mitigation reviews ensure a comprehensive assessment of water-related issues, allowing us to implement timely and efficient solutions.



Emergency Response
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Kyle Gamez
Kyle Gamez
Senior Vice President
Asbestos Consulting

Chares Taylor plays a key role in the monitoring and oversight of projects involving asbestos including:

• Limited and Comprehensive Surveys
• Clearance for Re-occupancy
• Abatement Oversight
• Delineation of Structure/Content Impact
• Decontamination Protocols (Procedure 5)

Asbestos Consulting


Limited and Comprehensive Surveys, Asbestos Clearance, Oversight & Project Management, Contamination Reporting (Procedure 5)


Initial Investigation, Decontamination Protocols, Post Remediation Assessments


Limited and Comprehensive Lead Surveys, Clearance for Re-Occupancy, Lead Risk Assessments

Water Testing

Drinking Water Quality (Metals, Chemistry), IICRC Floodwater Assessments (CAT I, II, III), Legionella

Targeted Soils Survey

Phase 1 Assessments, Lead, Metals, Asbestos in Soil, Waste Characterization Assessments, Chemical Impact (PCBs, Petroleum, Solvents)

Indoor Air Quality

Healthy Building Assessment, Odor Investigation, Local and General Ventilation, Construction and Renovation Impact Control, Legal and Expert Witness Support


Initial Assessment & IICRC Restoration Protocol, Bacteria Culture & ATP Clearance

Structural/Wildfire Impact

Combustion Byproduct/Soot/Wildfire Assessments, Post Remediation Soot/Wildfire, Fugitive Dust

Chemicals & Controlled Substances

VOC’s and Formaldehyde, THC, Methamphetamine, Fentanyl, Nicotine

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