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The world of aviation is constantly evolving. To maintain a competitive edge, our industry experts remain abreast of the latest safety standards and technological advancements. Our distinguished specialists manage a wide range of claims, from substantial aircraft damage to major cargo aircraft accident investigations.

Aviation Hull

On call 24 hours a day, our best-in-class surveyors and loss adjusters boast a wealth of diverse expertise. From general aviation to extreme airline losses, claims are handled with care and efficiency at all stages. To avoid delays and maintain low costs, we foster collaboration with insurers, the insured, brokers, and all other stakeholders involved.


Comprehensive loss adjusting
Aircraft recovery and site clearance
Repair and replacement
Accident investigation
Salvage disposal
Litigation support

Aviation Hull
Aviation Liability

Following a significant incident, a rapid response is vital to reaching a prompt and cost-efficient resolution. Our aviation liability team is highly skilled in investigating all kinds of aviation incidents, advising on legal liability and claims adjustment.

Acting on behalf of insurers and directly with insured clients, our liability claim managers provide an attractive and affordable alternative to law firm claims handling.

Aviation Liability
Aviation Asset Management

Our Aviation Asset Management division excels in the art of maximizing value while minimizing costs. We offer an exhaustive range of aircraft and technical support services to fleet owners, airlines and leasing companies worldwide.


Lease Management
Technical Asset Management
Continuing Airworthiness Management
Technical Support Services
Consultancy Services


Aviation Asset Management

Crisis and Risk Management

A proactive response following an aviation accident is key to protecting the reputation of the operator and minimizing losses. Drawing upon our vast experience of aviation incidents, we respond quickly on behalf of operators and their insurers.

Evaluation and Condition Surveys

We offer evaluation and condition surveys for aircraft owners, lessors, operators and their insurers. Our aim is to maintain the aircraft’s value and ensure compliance with all regulatory and continuing airworthiness requirements.

Salvage Sales

Charles Taylor collaborates closely with all aircraft personal to increase financial recovery in cases where repairing the aircraft is not economically feasible. Our approach involves negotiating the sale of large and small salvaged aircraft, through tenders and sealed-bids, ensuring the quickest disposal at the most favorable prices.

Operational Safety Surveys

Airlines, aviation companies and airport operators invest considerable time and resources in securing safe and efficient operation of their services. We can help to ensure that your procedures are both comprehensive and effective.

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