Since 1983, the 13-story Towers of Town Lake Condominium building in Austin, Texas has been home to many residents. But the years took a toll on the exterior of the structure, necessitating repair of damaged areas and revitalization to give the façade a fresh look and renewed performance. Community management and the board of directors entrusted Charles Taylor Engineering Technical Services (CTETS) to provide Construction Repair and Rehabilitation for the building exterior makeover project.

To aid community management, CTETS outlined the project tasks, which included using infrared photography to identify areas for intrusive examination of the exterior wall assembly to locate damaged underlying materials. The project also included collaboration with the general contractor to develop protocols for observing and evaluating the integrity of the structural components of the building exposed during demolition of the existing wall. Rehabilitation design of the new exterior insulation and finish system, which boasts a self-cleaning protective coating, was provided by Senior Design Architect, Richard M. Sidoroff, with the goals of repairing damaged areas, improving building aesthetics, and increasing the appraised value of owner units.

In addition to sporting an updated look, the building has experienced an increase in energy performance since the construction of the new façade. Throughout the entire exterior recladding project, CTETS has provided responsible oversight to achieve a successful outcome.

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