Neighborhood playgrounds are a common amenity that are designed to provide children a place to play while building their motor skills, dexterity, strength, and creativity. However, deferred maintenance and non-compliant equipment can pose a potential for disabling injuries or, in rare cases, death. One Denver, Colorado neighborhood governing board engaged the services of Charles Taylor Engineering Technical Services (CTETS) to conduct a playground safety assessment assess its playground and found that the as-constructed facilities put the HOA in a vulnerable position regarding liabilities.

CTETS’ Certified Playground Safety Inspector, Ryan Jessop, performed a playground safety inspection with the goal of documenting and informing the neighborhood board of directors regarding the observed conditions and potential hazards. After observations, CTETS was able to provide a list of violations, potential hazards, and recommendations for remediation to protect the community’s children from potential harm and the HOA from future liability.

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