Situated in Longmont, Colorado, Recovery Café serves as a sanctuary for individuals in recovery from addiction and other life challenges. It provides them with the stability required to support their journey towards long-term recovery. This expansion project is geared towards offering meals, counseling, job assistance, education, and a sense of community, creating a safe and welcoming environment for residents as they heal and reintegrate into society.

At Charles Taylor Engineering Technical Services (CTETS), it is essential for us to use our work to contribute to the communities in which we live and help individuals find spaces where they can thrive. One project that aligns perfectly with this mission is the expansion of Recovery Café, in which our Accessibility Team, a subdivision of our Building Envelope and Architectural Consulting group, has been actively involved.

Our team is collaborating with Lightwell Architects, a female-led architectural firm, to review the building’s schematic design and ensure it complies with accessibility standards and ADA codes. While the project is currently in its initial phase, CTETS is committed to being a valuable team member, helping propel the project towards successful completion.

The Recovery Café project carries particular significance for the Senior ADA and Accessibility Consultant leading this effort, Elizabeth A. Ruggles, due to the positive impact it will have. “It’s truly gratifying to work on a project that is centered around community outreach,” she expressed.

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