When ConocoPhillips needed to remove four massive, 5,500 ton concrete structures that had been part of an exploratory drilling platform in harsh arctic conditions, it turned to Charles Taylor for our industry leading marine surveying capabilities.

The four caissons were watertight concrete structures, which had been used to reinforce the drilling platform. When the platform was decommissioned in 1984 the caissons were towed to Herschel Island in Canada’s Yukon province, where they remained resting on the seabed, protruding above the surface.

The challenge was to remove the caissons intact and transport them to Mexico for decommissioning. This had to be achieved in harsh arctic conditions in one of the most remote locations in the world. At the same time, the team needed to protect the fragile environment, while respecting the needs of the local Inuvialuit people.

ConocoPhillips retained Charles Taylor Adjusting’s Houston Marine team for our marine consultancy and marine surveying expertise during both the planning and execution phases. We were involved in every step of this complex and world class project.

The project was a complete success. After 30 years of sitting in the Beaufort Sea serving only as an eyesore to the indigenous people, the four caissons were safely refloated and transported to Mexico for “green” breaking and recycling without harm to the environment or any injuries to any of the team involved in the project.

“We had the best team imaginable. Everyone was engaged and took ownership of their role in the project. I couldn’t have been prouder to work with them.”
– Kim Clarke, ConocoPhillips Canada’s Arctic Project Integration Manager


About ConocoPhillips:

ConocoPhillips is an American multinational energy corporation, with its headquarters located in the Energy Corridor district of Houston, Texas in the United States.