In the early morning hours of October 19, 2021, a fire spread through a condominium community in Boulder, Colorado. Although all tenants were able to safely exit the structures, the fire destroyed the 81 units in the six buildings that served as home to so many. Declared a complete loss, the community needed a trusted partner to oversee the entire rebuild project.

An expert in owner’s representation services, Charles Taylor Engineering Technical Services (CTETS), under the direction of Senior Vice President – Repair and Rehabilitation Justin Foy, was able to quickly outline the requisite scope of work to rebuild the community from the ground up. Having a centralized point of contact with respect to insurance(s), schedules, budgets, and action plans took some of the weight of the monumental rebuild project off the shoulders of the volunteer board members. The board was able to work closely with CTETS to formalize project goals, objectives, budgets, deadlines, and communication protocols, leaving CTETS to manage all project components.

With the demolition complete, including asbestos abatement, the community is now on the cusp of the rebuilding stage, which is scheduled to commence later this year, and the tenants are scheduled to return to their newly refurbished homes in 2025.

The project team recently finished the asbestos abatement and superstructure demolition for the 81 condominium units that were lost in a large fire on October 19, 2021, in Boulder Colorado. See Images Below:

For more information on CTETS’s owner’s representation services, contact Justin Foy, Senior Vice President – Repair and Rehabilitation, at